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We have worked with over 400 private and publicly traded companies on major stock exchanges including NYSE, NASDAQ, and TSX. Sandman Media is a leader in superior digital solutions for public issuers.

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Automating daily workflow

Stop all the daily inefficiencies and free your time to do what matters most.

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Compliance / Governance

As a public issuer the rules are different so let us keep you safe.

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Industry Specific

As investors we understand what’s needed.

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Here to Help

Support is critical for public companies which we are no strangers to with clientele right across the continent.


Sandeep Sull


Fabian Quevedo

Solutions Architect 
Web Developer

Sooha Kim

Creative Designer

Jorge de la Serna

Solutions Architect
Web Developer

Sonia Sequeira

Marketing Manager

Ethan Zhou

Corporate Accountant

Jens Boiger

European Development Manager