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ICONS-01Different governing bodies have different criteria so it’s important to work with firms who are in the industry and have experience.  Compliance is not something to be taken lightly so clients can take peace of mind in knowing our platform has taken many steps to safe guarding them.


ICONS-02Stop over working your staff or increasing overhead by running to hire new staff. Lean on our technology and eliminate the workload rather than accepting it. Through the use of our technology and our understanding of the day to day operations of your company we help eliminate countless tedious tasks thus eliminating bloated staffing costs moving forward.



ICONS-07Stop initiating services independently or getting sold by independent platforms with the hope you’re progressing. With integrated solutions you gain proper efficiencies with a more streamlined approach while minimizing the complications to the company.

Flexible Solution

ICONS-05With a modular based platform the ability to expand with your business is endless. No need to go back to the drawing board as complexities creep into your business. Know you have a firm supporting you that is two steps ahead of the curve with a solution that is advanced enough to adapt and expand.


Enhanced for Your Audience

ICONS-03With all the cookie cutter web development platforms on the market it is important not to fall into this trap and fit your business to the platform you choose. Each business is different and unique so it's apt to have a firm and a platform which can adapt to the specific needs of the client and not the other way around. The result is a better experience for your audience and you the company.

Support like no other

ICONS-08We are set up with professional’s onsite ready to respond to your requests, maintenance, and questions in a timely manner here in Vancouver. We do not leave you frustrated with support agents in different time zones without any accountability or leave you constantly talking to voicemails.


Interactive XBRL

ICONS-04XBRL reporting is a powerful tool if utilized correctly. Therefore our platform’s interpretation of the data and output for the incoming investor is a dream come true and one that makes the whole process a lot more efficient.

Powerful Analytics

ICONS-09With built in analytics tools we provide visually valuable data straight into your line of sight to help busy professionals stay up to date in a seamless manner.  We save you crucial time through streamlined integration while allowing access to valuable insights within seconds.


State of the Art Facility For Security

ICONS-06The data center boasts on-site security highlighted by motion detecting CCTV security cameras, manned security, reinforced poured concrete walls all with power systems built with fault tolerance, resilience at every layer and regulated temperature/humidity controls. With a SSAE-16 compliant facility you can take comfort that you are in good hands.